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nRF52 Core Module

The Core Module is the brain of the system. 

Support for the following major IoT operating systems
Additional Software frameworks supported  

Hardware Features  

  • nRF52832 SOC  
  • Onboard Antenna  
  • Internal Temperature Sensor  
  • LIS2DE12TR Accelerometer  
  • 1225 Coin Cell holder  
  • 2.4Ghz Antenna  
  • One While LED  
  • Two User buttons  
  • Three output expansion ports, two I2C and one SPI  
  • Two input expansion ports, one I2C and one SPI 
  • Shipping with BLE bootloader. 
  • Update firmware over the Air. 
  • Optional JTAG programming connection via Tag-Connect 
  • One of the I2C expansion ports has JTAG and NFC expansion options 
  • Total of 20 GPIO is available