Asset Tracking
Other Projects
  • Android Application Development
  • Software Defined Radio Hardware and Firmware
  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) sensor development
  • Thermal Sensor Integration
  • 10Ghz Laser Current Source
  • Radiation (Gamma and Neutron) Sensors
  • High Speed USB Interface to Sensors 
  • DC motor Controller
  • Three-Phase Brushless motor Controller
  • Dual Axis motor Controller
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Medical radar imaging and identification algorithms
  • 3D Radar Image Reconstruction
  • 3D Sonar Image Reconstruction
  • Target Identifications algorithms
Key Skills
  • Embedded Software development on ARM, Cortex M0+, Cortex M3/4, AVR 32, AVR, Xmega, PIC, and MSP430 using C and assembly. 
  • Advanced algorithm development, DSP processing, Matlab Simulations
  • GCC toolchain setup for windows and linux. JTAG + Debugging using gdb. 
  • High Power (10A+) Switching regulator design. 
  • High density PCB layout and routing of 0201 and BGA components. 
  • High Speed FPGA PCB schematics/placement and routing differential and matched pairs. 
  • PCB Design and Layout, Soldering, Firmware, CPLD, and Software Design 
  • Extremely low noise trans-impedance amplifier design. 
  • High voltage power supplies greater than 1000V.
  • Ultra low power wireless systems running from harvested energy only
  • Low memory systems running under 4k of ram with OS and application. 
  • Power optimized hardware/fimware drivers. 
  • 802.11 wifi driver and low level calls to chipset.
  • Custom bluetooth BLE stack.
  • Extensive use of a RTOS using preemptive scheduling and message queues. 
  • Embedded software drivers for: GPS, Accelerometers, Magnetic, Pressure, Humidity, Gyroscopes, Wireless transceivers, Bluetooth, BLE, Serial Flash Memory, Real time Clocks, AD converters, DAC converters, UART, CAN, I2C, SPI, SDIO, USB, Timers, Serial Sensors, CPLD devices, Memory Mapped IO, DMA, and inter-processor communications.
  • Android application development. Custom UI and Bluetooth interfacing to sensors.
  • Android ASOP development. ROM + Tool-chain modifications
  • Setup and maintenance of software revision management system and project management web applications