Pure Engineering was founded in 2006 as a consulting and design firm for small projects and ideas. In 2014, the company was officially established as Pure Engineering LLC due to the significant growth of our consulting work and products. Our services include strategic planning, product development, and architecture design. We use engineering principles to assess the feasibility and suitability of technology for a given design. If a project requires more than just a design plan, we can create a proof of concept to help visualize the product and a prototype to test its functionality before moving to manufacturing. We also offer subject matter experts to help solve design challenges and unproven technology development for clients who want to stay at the forefront of innovation. Our goal is to provide comprehensive engineering solutions to help our clients bring their ideas to life.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a major area of focus for us at Pure Engineering. We have been developing IoT systems for many years, specializing in low power systems that run on batteries and the efficient movement of data across these systems to servers. Our team is experienced in working with a variety of wireless technologies to support any application. Whether you need help with strategic planning, product development, or technical expertise, we can provide the support you need to bring your IoT ideas to fruition.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth Low energy(BLE) is an explosive new technology in the marketplace today. We have extensive experience making sensors that connect to modern cellular phones and computers. We have proven designs that run from several uWatts of power enabling your device to run for years without a battery change. We are familiar with the entire BLE stack and can make custom protocols using COTS hardware.

We have experience with the following BLE micro-controllers:

  • Nordic nrf5x series

  • TI cc26xx series

  • Cypress PSoc 4 BLE

  • STM BlueNRG

  • Dialog SmartBond

  • and Others

Thermal Sensor Integration

We have extensive experience with FLIR Lepton Thermal Camera. We were the first to bring to market a simple to use breakout board that enabled video capture from micro-controller development boards. Several thousand systems have been shipped to date.

Radiation Sensors

We are intimately familiar Radiation Sensors. We have designed fully custom solutions for the electronics for several detector materials.

Spectrometer Sensor Integration

The Hamamatsu C12666MA and C12880MA Spectrometer are game changers in terms of size and functionality for a spectrometer. We are supporting this sensor with breakout boards and sample firmware and software to enable the DIY crowd to make sensors to improve the world and how we see it.

Android Application Development

Android is a popular operating system for mobile devices such as phones, tablets, and netbooks. It was developed by Google and is based on the Linux kernel and GNU software. There is a large community of developers who create applications that extend the functionality of Android devices using the Java programming language and Google's Java libraries. At Pure Engineering, we have extensive experience in developing Android applications and have seen some of our apps reach over 100,000 downloads on the Google Play Store. In addition to application development, we have experience with the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) source code and have made custom modifications to it, including the creation of custom ROMs and tools. Our team is equipped to handle a wide range of Android development projects.

Software Defined Radio Hardware and Firmware

We have extensive knowledge on designing hardware for Software Defined Radio (SDR) systems as well as writing the embedded software to make them run. We are aware of noise, cross-talk, signal loss, and impedance matching that are critical in making a working system.

Ground Penetrating Radar

With a number of published articles on GPR, our staff has contributed to the GPR community and familiar with building, testing, and evaluating GPR systems. In addition to GPR, this research has carried over to sonar image reconstruction as well. A number of signal processing techniques have been developed as well that can do target identification and classification based on the signature response of and unknown target. These signal processing techniques can be applied to a number of different applications. see paper

Development Back-end

In order to support a wide range of solutions, we have had to understand the tools to make such systems. We are focused on supporting the GCC tool chain for all embedded development. We have experience with a number of different micro-controller families ranging from the AVR, AVR32, ARM M0, M3, M4, A8, PSOC5 and A9. Our back-end support also includes revision control management, selection, setup and maintenance. We are familiar with a number of revision management tools such as SVN and git. We understand project management and the tools needed to excel.

Cloud Back-end

We do full-stack development to support many applications but our focus is cloud development to support a million devices on a single server by developing server code like firmware. Our focus is using modern standard protocols such as gRPC and REST to supporting the exchanging of data to clients, and custom low overhead encrypted communications to sensors. When it’s the right solution we use graph databases to have very efficient queries that scales linearly and time series databases for archive and analytics. Our preference is to develop docker based deployments with pre-configured load balancing and proxy services, but we can utilize services from AWS, Azure, and GCS when it is the prefered solution.


Our team can build native UI's for android, iPhone, windows, MacOS, Web. We prefer to develop cross platform web based technologies that target multiple platforms to simplify development and user experiences.

Key Skills

  • Embedded Software development on ARM, Cortex M0+, Cortex M3/4, AVR 32, AVR, Xmega, PIC, ESP32, and MSP430 using C and assembly.

  • Advanced algorithm development, DSP processing, Matlab Simulations

  • GCC toolchain setup for windows and linux. JTAG + Debugging using gdb.

  • High Power (10A+) Switching regulator design.

  • High density PCB layout and routing of 0201 and BGA components.

  • High Speed FPGA PCB schematics/placement and routing differential and matched pairs.

  • PCB Design and Layout, Soldering, Firmware, CPLD, and Software Design

  • Extremely low noise trans-impedance amplifier design.

  • High voltage power supplies greater than 1000V.

  • Ultra low power wireless systems running from harvested energy only

  • Low memory systems running under 4k of ram with OS and application.

  • Power optimized hardware/fimware drivers.

  • 802.11 wifi driver and low level calls to chipset.

  • Custom bluetooth BLE stack.

  • Extensive use of a RTOS using preemptive scheduling and message queues.

  • Embedded software drivers for: GPS, Accelerometers, Magnetic, Pressure, Humidity, Gyroscopes, Wireless transceivers, Bluetooth, BLE, Serial Flash Memory, Real time Clocks, AD converters, DAC converters, UART, CAN, I2C, SPI, SDIO, USB, Timers, Serial Sensors, CPLD devices, Memory Mapped IO, DMA, and inter-processor communications.

  • Android application development. Custom UI and Bluetooth interfacing to sensors.

  • Android ASOP development. ROM + Tool-chain modifications

  • Setup and maintenance of software revision management system and project management web applications


  • PCB design, schematic design, schematic review, layout, layout review

  • Processor/micro-controller selection and system architecture

  • Firmware development (embedded software development)

  • Hardware/software integration

  • RTOS selection or evaluate the need for an operating system porting

  • BSP/bootloaders/linux/rtos to new hardware

  • Application development for microcontroller and DSP devices

  • USB device development (high speed and USB 3.0)

  • Wireless sensor development( BLE, Wi-Fi, zigbee, bluetooth, ISM custom)

  • Development tool selection and setup

  • Revision control management; selection, setup and maintenance

  • Android application development

  • Embedded android porting and modifications


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