Pure RTLS Mesh

Pure RTLS Mesh is a real-time locating system radio protocol designed to run on the ultra wide band decawave radio hardware.

With high accuracy time of flight information each node on the network knows the exact location of all other nodes. This information provides the network map with much more information than typical signal strength only based mesh networks.

By utilizing distance information, nodes can run at lower power and maintain better sync between nodes, route paths are more direct and distance based sensor clusters can be formed.

This mesh is intended to be used for IoT products needing real time location and movement of sensor data across the network. Knowledge of distance to other node's sensors provides additional information not obtainable on other mesh networks.

An example application is utilizing a simple microphone we can track the exact location of a sound based on the time it takes the sound to travel to four or more sensors. The sensors can all be mobile and do not require any additional setup since all the location and timing data they need is provided by Pure RTLS Mesh.

This is a powerful mesh network to enable the next generation of IoT sensors that require precision location information.