Qualcomm QCC711 Tri-core Ultra-Low Power Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) SoC

Qualcomm® QCC711 is an industry leading tri-core ultra-low power Bluetooth® Low Energy SoC, optimized for IoT applications like beacon for asset positioning and tracking, smart health/fitness devices, remote control, computer peripherals or for Bluetooth on-boarding for Wi-Fi devices in smart switches and sensors, building automation and control.  QCC711 supports Bluetooth 5.4 and single-mode Bluetooth Low Energy.

Unlike other BLE devices on the market, QCC711 is the first publicly announced Bluetooth Low Energy device integrating three microcontroller cores with on-chip 128KB SRAM and 512KB RRAM.

QCC711 is driven by an open-source software SDK which is available on GitHub. QCC711 is also equipped with Qualcomm® Connectivity Integrated Development Environment (QCCIDE) based upon Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VSCode). The QCC711 specific VScode extension plug-in will be made available as open-source software to allow customized VSCode specifically for QCC711.

Size and cost optimized modules and associated development kits are available from Qualcomm® Authorized Design Centers to allow quick time-to-market productization.

GIT:  https://github.com/quic/qccsdk-qcc711/ : The SDK provides CLI based demos, APSS System/driver APIs, BLE&Security APIs, BTSS patch and Security patch Binaries. it also provides the tools to program the chip.