FireBeacon is a personal locator and fire detection device intended to be used by firefighters fighting fires inside of buildings.

Using the state of the art UWB wireless and fusion of sensor data, FireBeacon provides a fully automatic real time tracking system with automatic alerts and situational awareness.

The device works by instrumenting the firetruck with a 4 antenna base station placed on the corners of the truck. This allows for sub meter UWB localization without GPS in the sensors.

The sensors worn by the firemen transmit using a UWB transmission that allows for time of flight measurements. Due to the properties of UWB transmissions, the signals penetrate through walls, and provides indoor location without GPS. Sensors can be mounted to the helmet or coat of the firefighter. The device has up to 100 Meter range from the base-station.

Each device is equipped with a thermal array as well as CO2 sensors to monitor the environment of the firefighter. Motion sensors in the device provide orientation data for the fireman in case of a fall or injury. Pressure sensors provide elevation data.

The system provides constant updates to a local server on the location and status of all the firefighters wearing the device. Alerts are automatically started when temperatures or CO2 levels change to critical levels.

The software provides a quick view of all personal, and automatically updates if they are in hot zones, and the direction of the hottest source.

Time of Flight measurements localization.

Thermal View of the sensor array.

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