Info Sheet

Lepton Demo Camera

How do get one?

With the buying power of GroupGets we were able to secure a buy of demo cameras.

Buy one at GroupGets, This IS the only way to get them as a consumer.

What does this do?

This is basically the internals of a tiny digital camera that can take thermal photos onto a microSD card and view a live feed of the camera on the LCD screen.


  • Capture: A short button press captures a still image, and a long button press (5 Seconds) begins
  • Rapid Capture - any button press ends Rapid Capture.
  • Color Palette: Cycles through the 4 color palettes: Black Hot, White Hot, Black-Hot Ironbow, Ironbow.
  • Lock: Locks the AGC based on what is currently in the field of view of the camera. Fixes the color palette based on the current scene content, allowing for comparative radiometry.
  • Calibrate: Manually calibrates thermal detector.
  • Micro-USB: The Micro-USB is for charging the device and for retrieving the captured images. Includes a 4GB microSD card
  • Charging: The On-Off switch must be in the Off position to charge the camera.
  • The camera can be charged from any computer or USB charger.
  • Retrieving Images: The On-Off switch must be in the On position to retrieve images from the camera.