PureThermal Mini

The GroupGets PureThermal Mini is the worlds smallest USB UVC webcam and is the smallest development platform for the Flir Lepton. Fusing the powerful STM32 with the Lepton it enables quick development of a stand alone thermal solution quickly as easily. Also if you wish to get data into another platform the board can deal with all the low level interfacing and just present the data using USB with the stock on-board firmware.

I want one

The Pure Thermal Mini can be bought at the GroupGets Store Here.

Hardware Features

  • STM32F412CEU6 ARM microprocessor
  • Socket for the Flir Lepton 2 or 3
  • USB port
  • Powered via USB
  • USB boot-loader builtin

Software Features

  • Open Source
  • Easy to adapt and add your custom application
  • Contribute back to the community
  • Examples for Color Video over USB using UVC class (no drivers needed!)
  • USB UVC works on Windows, Linux, Mac, and even Android!

Technical Details