UWB Anchor

The UWB Anchor enables precise real time location systems (RTLS). This enables 3D location without the use of GPS. Up to 10 cm accuracy of tags within 30 Meters of four Anchors. Our solution builds on top of the decawave UWB radio for a low power low cost solution.

UWB Anchor and Gateway

A UWB Anchor provides functions to support indoor location tracking and transport of the location data to the server. UWB and BLE sensing are both supported to provide different tracking methods.

  • UWB anchor: provides fixed location data to the tags that request it.
  • UWB Wifi Bridge: Provides a data path for the Tag to send the location data to servers
  • BLE Scanner: Can scan standard existing BLE devices that are not using UWB technology. Enables lower cost tags, but with less accurate location information.
  • Internal Mesh: Can be used to extend the range of UWB/BLE scanning coverage without additional WiFi AP infrastructure.
  • Compatible with third-party UWB and BLE tags (depending on implementation) No lock-in.
  • Self locating: enables quick setup and reconfiguration.
  • $29 each for 1500 MOQ.