NRF9160 / NRF9161

The NRF9160 is a powerful LTE Cat M1 and NB-IOT cellular modem with a user programmable arm cortex-m33 processor. Also included is a GNSS receiver. 

We highly recommend this SiP for applications were low power, size, and cost are critical to success. 

Pure Engineering has been using this modem in many designs since it was introduced and has extensive knowledge of its inner workings and nuances.  We are very familiar with Zephyr and the nRF Connect SDK.

Pure Engineering has developed numerous custom designs that utilize the nrf9160  cellular modem and are very experienced in all details of hardware/firmware as well as cloud development for it. 

Contact us if you are interested in custom firmware utilizing the nrf91 thingy and our custom backend and device management platform as we as custom hardware solutions based around the nrf9160 / nrf9161.  

Our Custom backend supports internet connected devices including the nrf9160, and support features such as mapping, sensor collection and visualizations, device management as well as OTA (over the air) firmware updates. We utilize two way ECC-GCM Encrypted UDP transport for reliable low power and low costs for sensor to cloud communications.