Xeoma Video Surveillance Review

Post date: May 16, 2015 4:23:15 AM

Ok, I've been trying out a couple of different video surveillance software programs to see what is is the best to use. I have several HIKVISION DS-2CD2032-I cameras and wanted to setup a local recording system to watch my entrance ways and such. I stumbled upon the xeoma Sofware from FelonaSoft.

What I like so far with the software is the customization that it provides yet in an easy to use way. As an Engineer I like to tinker, and this software lets me really set it up like how I want it. I've been using the Free version that allows up to 2 sources basically covering my front and back door for now and no customization. I tired out the trial version as well and that really lets you customize basically everything, so I may be upgrading in the near future.

I also tried out their android app, it provides remove view your other cameras. It's not on the android market and you have to side load the apk but simple to do. you can really see the options in these screenshots. you can see it has a easy UI based configuration.

I would like to compare it to one other software I tired out. if you only need two cameras, the ivideon solution is quite easy to setup and use, basically something you would setup for parents to use. It doesn't have much to customization but does keep setup simple.

Anyways, figured this info could help someone likes to tinker with surveillance cameras.