PureModules Quick Start Guide

Congratulations on purchasing a PureEngineering CoreModule and SuperSensor! You have taken a great step in starting a wide range of IOT projects.

This Guide will show you the basic assembly of the system and how to interface with an Android application.

Step 1- Open Package

Your PureModules package should come with the parts shown in the picture below.

- 1x PureEngineering CoreModule

- 1x PureEngineering SuperSensor

- 1x Lithium CR1225 3V Coin Battery

- 1x Connector

Figure 1- Contents of Package

Step 2- Place battery in PureEngineering CoreModule

Place battery inside the CoreModule as shown in the images below. The ground side of the battery should touch the PCB.

Make sure battery is completely pushed in as shown below

Once the battery is inserted the LED shown below in red should begin blinking. If the LED is not blinking, the correct code has not been flashed to the CoreModule. In order to flash the code, go to the tutorial on flashing the secure boot-loader here.

Step 3- Connect PureEngineering SuperSensor to CoreModule

Once the CoreModule is on, the SuperSensor is very simple to connect. Just take your connector and push the boards together as shown below.

Make sure the PureEngineering SuperSensor is connected to one of the two OUT slots.

Step 4- Get the Android application. (IOS application coming soon)

To get the PureModules Android application navigate to the PureModules github site (https://github.com/PureEngineering/PUREmodules). Here you will not only find the Android application but all the code that brings these boards to life.

The .apk file for the Android application is under the Android folder.


Download either .apk file to your phone. This can be done opening the directory above on your phone and downloading the .apk. Or on your computer download the .apk and move it to your phone.

Install the application on your phone.

Note: Your phone might prompt you to allow applications from unknown sources as shown below.

Install the application.

Step 5- Have fun!

You are now ready to see some data! Here are the steps for using the application.

-Open the application

-Press Connect to connect to your CoreModule

-Connect to PureEngineering CoreModule

-Toggle your sensors on and off and see the outputs!

Code is written to refresh every 3 seconds.