Sustainable Living

The ability of the society to live on earth without compromising future generations.

Pure engineering is dedicated to researching and developing solutions to support the three pillars of sustainability: Environment, Economic, and Social.

We believe that we need to fundamentally change how we as a society we look at everything to achieve this ultimate goal as the current path can only end in one way. Change takes time and may take generations to gain full adoption and acceptance. Our approach is to solve issues at their core rather than patching or providing workarounds. We prefer to look at the long term payoffs of our solutions.

We alone can't solve everything, but we can make our best to make an impact. We have a few key areas of focus where we can best make an impact:


  • Multiple designs for low cost solar solutions for embedded electronics

  • Off Grid Power for non weight constrained residential

  • Off Grid Power for lightweight mobile applications, Vans and Boating


  • Off Grid compact housing solutions for land; Trailer and Vans.

  • Off Grid housing solutions for water; Ocean Based Boating for single family's.


  • Food and Diet based research and benefits; Plant based diets

  • Low impact farming methods for small community's and private gardens

  • Mobile farming for transportable gardens


  • Low power sensing of Gases

  • Long range, low power RF communication technology

  • Wildlife motion sensing

  • Anonymous population density mapping.

Contact Us

We are always looking for partners looking to achieve the same goals. Please reach out if you are in need of a solution.