Remote Year- Weather data by PureModule's BME280 sensor

Post date: Jun 7, 2017 12:11:34 PM

Greetings from Bulgaria!

I am currently 3 months into an amazing journey known as Remote Year ( In short, RemoteYear is a travel program for remote workers where you travel to 12 cities in 12 months with a group of 60 other like-minded individuals.

It has been my pleasure developing firmware for PureModules (, a solder-less modular sensor system. One of the most convenient thing about PureModules is the portability (each sensor is about the size of a quarter). This lends well to travel. I have been traveling with PureModules and collecting weather data using the BME280 Environmental Sensor. Below is a compiled map of the gathered data as well as a quick guide on how its made.

How its Made:

The PureModule's SuperSensor has a BME280 (shown below) sensor capable of measuring Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Elevation.

The CoreModule's (white board above) nrf52 has BLE capability which allows this CoreModule-SuperSensor system to communicate with smartphone applications. I have created a Quick-start guide that describes the steps needed to display data on our PureModules Android application.

The data from the Android application is parsed into a .csv file which is then compiled into a Google sheet. The map above uses the compiled Google sheet to place the markers and display the data.

I hope you enjoy the map and also enjoy PureModules!

I am looking forward to seeing what you will build with them.


Firmware Engineer